HERBAX guarantees the quality of its Products and complete satisfaction, however it does not make guarantees with respect to the effects that the Products may have on individuals, due to the fact that because each individual’s body, is different as well as their nutritional needs and lifestyles are different.


1. PRODUCTS RETURN PROCEDURE: All returns must be authorized in advance by the Customer Service Department. Please call 855-271-9691 or send an e-mail to asking for a “returned item” (RI) authorization number. All returned items numbers should be clearly marked on the outside of any package that is returned to HERBAX or marked in the list of returned items included inside the package. Boxes returned to HERBAX without a visible RI number will not qualify for a refund and cannot be returned to the sender.

Overstocked or obsolete products cannot be returned for credit. Seasonal, discounted, samples, products with discount or special promotional products are not returnable.

Purchase order numbers are your proof of purchase and give the associate the right to return products and receive a credit for these items.

If HERBAX receives a return that has not been authorized, the products will be discarde and no credit will be given. Authorized returns must be sent to HBX-Products for life, LLC 809 Svannah Ave Unit A, McAllen, TX 78503.

All products to be returned must have a purchase order number of within 30 days from date of purchase from HERBAX.

Returned products will be discarded.

Customers who are not members of Club Herbax and have bought the product to a distributor must deliver the product directly to

the distributor who will be the person that will contact Herbax to request the return of the product.


If a product is defective or damaged, it may be returned within 90 days of purchase from HERBAX for credit or replacement. Credit will be calculated at 100% less any rebates paid on the product.

HERBAX will reimburse an Associate for shipping costs incurred for such returned product limited to the amount of ground regular mail only or the mean previously authorized by Herbax.

Shipping must be prepaid on all product returns. Returns will be issued to the credit card used at the time of purchase.

If a product is being returned due to defect or damaged in transit or an order error on HERBAX´s part, the Distributor will be reimbursed for shipping costs as authorized by the Customer Service Department.


1. Guarantees. Except as expressly provided herein, the Company makes no warranties or representations regarding merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, manufacture or any other warranty in connection with products or services purchased from or through the Company. The manufacturer’s warranty shall be transferred to the member.

2. Quality Control. The Company will replace any product deemed defective or nearing its expiration date within three (3) months of purchase; however, no product may be returned to the Company without prior written authorization. Only exchanges may be made, but no refunds.

A) A written request for a replacement must be submitted indicating the reason for the request, to which a copy of the Purchase Order Form or packing slip will be attached. Return of products without prior authorization will not be accepted.

B) The Company will issue a return authorization number to the member and indicate the location where the product should be sent for inventory verification. Once the product has been received and verified, the Company will ship the replacement product, as applicable.

3. Returns for Termination. A member terminating his business relationship with the Company shall have the right to return for repurchase purposes under commercially reasonable terms the current marketing inventory, including promotional materials produced by the Company, sales tools and kits in the possession of the Member that he has purchased for resale prior to the date of termination. For the purposes hereof, the term “commercially reasonable terms” shall mean the repurchase of Marketable Inventory within twelve (12) months from the date of purchase by the Member at not less than 90% of the original net cost, less compensation and legal claims, if any. In addition, products returned for repurchase after their period of commercially reasonable use or shelf life has expired (shelf life is deemed to have expired if the package is opened) shall not be considered “saleable” products for purposes of this article. A product shall also not be considered “saleable” if the Company clearly indicates to the Member prior to purchase that the product is seasonal, discontinued or of special promotion and is not subject to the repurchase obligation. The Company will not refund or replace any product that does not meet the applicable expiration dates. No refunds will be made unless the Member is in strict compliance with the procedures outlined herein:

A) A written request for return must be submitted indicating the reason for the termination and the return of the products and/or sales materials. Such request must be accompanied by the original proof of payment and a copy of the Purchase Order Form or packing slip. Products returned without prior authorization will be returned to the Members.

B) The Company will issue a return authorization number to the Member and advise the Member where to send the product for inventory verification. Upon receipt and inspection of the returned product, the Company will process the appropriate payment refund; and

C) The Partners will pay for the cost of return freight.

D) The terminated Member shall reimburse the Company for all additional distributions and bonuses received for returned products. The Company may deduct these amounts from the bonuses or other amounts owed to that Member. The up line Member shall reimburse the Company for all additional bonuses and allowances received from a returned product.

HERBAX reserves the right to refuse a refund or return if it suspects fraud, abuse or breach of any of these Policies and Procedures.

This “Herbax Return policy” was updated on July, 2020.